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Alistair prides himself on customer satisfaction and is always striving to improve his service. Any feedback, positive or negative, from students is valued and below are some comments from previous customers. If you are or were a student of Alistair's Driving School then feel free to submit a comment by clicking on the link below.

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"What can I say, excellent tuition from beginning to end, adapts training techniques to suit different types of learner and is really helpful in making sure you improve in the areas that you struggle in. Patient and easy to get along with, thanks for getting me through my test successfully!"

Mark Stopher

"Alistair is a very good instructor who is very clear in showing you how & why you need to drive in certain ways. He is very patient & provides helpful feedback upon completing manoeuvres, then asks you what you think went well & what went not so well. Alistair is a brilliant instructor & I would recommend him to get you to pass your test, even if you feel nervous or anxious. Alistair is very helpful & professional."


"Alistair is a brilliant driving instructor who I would definitely recommend! He has been consistently patient and dedicated to ensuring that I passed my driving test and his support made me become a much more careful and confident driver!"


"Alistair is an amazing instructor. I passed first time! Thank you"


"I have Aspergers, dyslexia and dyspraxia which made me feel that the odds of me passing a driving test were pretty slim. Alistair had successfully taught my sister, cousins and many close friends to drive and they all said, 'If anyone can get you through Alistair can!’ Alistair's endless patience, calm and measured approach and ability to teach me in a ‘different' way (using chess moves, footballing terms etc that made sense to me and helped me visualise things) enhanced my self esteem and made me believe I could do it. I only had lessons, no other practice, and with a great deal of support and Alistair's determination to get me through - I passed! He turned me from an anxious learner, with little self belief, into a driver and someone who actually enjoys it. My family and myself can never thank him enough."


"Absolutely brilliant, highly recommended. He's really patient even when you're really nervous and need that extra little confidence boost. He's a brilliant instructor!"

Kirsty De-Rose

"As a person lacking in confidence, I was very anxious about learning to drive and picking the right instructor. We researched various schools and listened to a friends adivce and chose Alistair. He was amazing and despite my lack of confidence I passed my test! As a result my confidence in my own ability has grown and I have Alistair's patience to thank for that. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend using this driving instructor."

Lucy Warne

"Excellent tutor, definitely recommended!"


"Such a brilliant instructor, and highly recommended. Previously, was scared to go back on the road again learning after being disheartened by failing twice before, however since having driving lessons with Alistair he built up my confidence within driving again and got me passed ready for the road ahead for my future. I appreciate the help and support given, and I am very grateful! Got my brother passed, and now got me passed. Thank you so much!"

Hannah P

"Amazing teacher, I passed first time all thanks to Alistair. Thank you."

Ben Bray

"Alistair is a great driving instructor and I'm so thankful for all his help and advice. I have now passed and driving with great confidence. He is very calm and makes you feel really confortable and really cares I would recommend to anyone and especially if you struggle with anxiety like me. Thank you."

Danielle Williams

"Alistair was an amazing teacher, he let me carry on from the stage of driving that I was already at and didn't make me start from the beginning. He also can give you amazing methods which you can personalise to yourself. Would definitely reccomend him. Didn't do much driving on the road (privately) and I still passed first time."

Arthur Harris Brown

"A fantastic driving instructor with a very calm approach to teaching which is great if you're a nervous driver. I would recommend Alistair's Driving School to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive."

Ollie G

"Excellent instructor. I passed 1st time with 1 minor, not bad for a 46 year old biker. Many thanks again."


"Alistair was a fantastic teacher whilst learning to drive. It was definitely a pleasure learning with him, without his teachings I wouldn't of passed first time. I would recommend anyone looking to learn to drive to go with Alistair without any hesitation. He's calm collective and supportive plus gets to know you as an individual friend rather than a customer. Thanks again Alistair."


"After having an unsuccessful experience with another instructor I'm so glad I found Alistair, he is the most patient and understanding teacher. After being nervous and anxious about driving I actually feel like I have lernt how to drive property and have so much more confidence! I would recommend him to anybody and people I have recommended him to have passed their tests. Such a calm, positive and trustworthy man! Thank you so much for helping me, don't think I would have passed without your support."


"Alistair is a wonderful person and instructor, the best I had ever learnt with. He has so much time and patience. He always pushed me as he knew I could do well and I passed 2nd time! Great value for money. Will recommend Alistair to anyone and everyone! Thanks Alistair :)"


"Alistair is a professional driving instructor who offers a great service to all who need it. I passed my driving test first time with him. Also he was flexible and offered lessons at a variety of times due to my job so whatever your situation he's friendly & understanding, I'd 100% recommend you give him a try :)"

Samuel L

"Alistair was an amazing driving instructor, I can't recommend him enough! Extremely patient and I felt very at ease learning with him. He was also very flexible with lessons and always tried to accommodate my needs of when I wanted to learn. Thank you v much :)"


"Alistair is a brilliant driving instructor! He is very patient & helpful when teaching. Alistair adapts his teaching style to each individual learner. When I started lessons with Alistair I had already had lessons with previous instructors & Alistair didn't try to change everything I had been taught. After less than a month of learning with him I passed with only 4 minors! I would recommend toanybody. Thanks Alistair for all of your help :)"


"I had to get my licence for my job and I learned and had my test in a month, Alistair is a patient instructor who adapt his teaching according to our needs. He has helped me a lot and it was a very good experience."


"Comes very highly recommended, I came to Alistair with some experience from another school, in hindsight I would have been far better starting with Alistair. With his tuition, which was well organised, simple and constructive I passed first time. Thanks again for all your help Alistair."


"It can't be easy to teach an American driver who has been doing it 'their way' for 37 years, but Alistair did a nice job accommodating my firmly engrained habits while teaching me skills that would make me a better driver in the UK. 

I was particularly impressed with the way he listened when I explained that I was a visual learner rather than auditory and how telling me how to do something was not as effective as showing me. 

He used that information in our lessons and even went so far as to draw diagrams of the maneuvers that I could take home to study, which eased my anxiety and helped me pass my driving test. Thanks, Alistair."


"Alistair was a very good and patient driving instructor, I would definitely recommend to others. With his tuition I was able to pass my test in 16 lessons first time! Cannot recommend highly enough!"


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